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  Big Daddy brings you the best vehicles from

up and down the east coast. We have a great following from the drivers who know they get to compete against best of the best. Drivers love the fun and safe environment that comes with a Big Daddy Show. What that means for the fans: they get the opportunity to see trucks and interact with drivers in ways they usually wouldn't. When you mix that with local talent, you see a show unlike you would anywhere else!




Drivers & Trucks

  Big Daddy has been bringing motorsport action to venues across NC & VA for over a decade. Over the years we have brought excitement to fans through many forms of motorsports. We specialize in Truck Pull and Mega Truck Shows but have also done mud runs and monster truck rides. We are always adding new ideas to keep things exciting and provide great entertainment for the whole family! So keep checking us out here to see what we are coming up with next!




Big Daddy Crew

   The Big Daddy Crew is what makes all this happen.  When you come to an event what you see it is all possible because of these guys. They are hard at work days and even weeks before and after shows. They are responsible for running and working the shows, to advertising and sponsorship. This is a small group that accomplishes big things! We have a good crew that has been working together for many years to provide a fun and safe environment for drivers and fans. 




Big Daddy Motorsports
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